by Things We Say



Youth Crew compilation features songs by True Colors, Mindset, Break Through, Things We Say, Fired Up, Go For Broke and Times Together.
Released by Positive and Focused Records in the Netherlands.


released July 18, 2008



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Things We Say Republic of Korea

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Track Name: Move On
Alright buddies,
I have something to say to you
Don't you realize
you spend too much time and energy on nothing?
You always think in a negative way
What do you expect from people around you?

Sick of your attitude, sick of your games
Don't be afraid of ditching the past
Chill out buddy, you're not the only one
Everyone fails, everyone loses

Don't be ashamed, you've tried your best
Be proud of yourself, you will get through it (all)

You're not a loser until you quit trying

Don't let anyone look down on you
Make your own decision to get back on track
Don't be ashamed of what you did in the past
Make a change, make an effort to move on
to move on, to move on, to move on
Make a change, make an effort to move on