Time to Change

by Things We Say

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"Time to Change" EP released
on Townhall Records in Seoul, Korea.


released July 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Things We Say Republic of Korea

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Track Name: Time To Change
Wasted time
Violence is not the answer
Free your mind
Free yourself from living in anger

Should have found
A way to change
It's your life
Now you know
You've become the same

You've become the same person
you've been hating (Time to change)
Your anger led you here
You've become the same person
you've been hating (Time to change)
Don't shift the blame
You'll always stay the same
(Time to make a change)
Track Name: Take A Step Up
Life is gonna shovel dirt on you
Try to shake it off and take a step up
That's the only trick to get out of the well 
Try to shake it off and take a step up

Your life is hard? So is mine
We're not caught in a trap 
Never sit back
Your life is hard? So is mine 
We're not caught in a trap 
Never give up

Never give up
Don't ever sit back

I may bend, but I'll never fucking break
Track Name: Seoul Hardcore
I've been looking forward
to this all week
Right now, this show
Right here, all my friends
We're here to have fun
This is what I live for
Pop punk, Straight edge
It doesn't matter
You are all my friends

Where are you from? Hanguk*
Where are you from? Waeguk**
Does it matter? No
You're all my friends here

What do you like? Soy milk
What do you drink? Soju
Does it matter? No
We're Seoul Hardcore!

We're Seoul Hardcore!

*Hanguk: South Korea
**Waeguk: Foreign country
***Soju: Korean alcoholic beverage
Track Name: Don't Sit Back
I’ve got your back
Please, don’t sit back
I’ve found my way
And you’ve got to find your own
Don’t be afraid of
Speaking out your mind
Don’t let anyone else
Tell you What to do

Looking back and realizing
I was so young, I was full of anger
I fell apart, I felt depression
Couldn’t find my way out, but
Always people out there
Reaching out, holding my hands
So much inspiration
Motivating me to move on
Track Name: Different
Point the finger, you're to blame
Blame on others, you're two faced
Have a wider perspective
Have a bigger vision to see

Being different doesn't mean you're wrong
Diversity is a gift

Be different
Be true to yourself
Stand tall
Go against the grain
Track Name: Move On
Sick of your attitude, sick of your games
Don't be afraid of ditching the past
Chill out buddy, you're not the only one
Everyone fails, everyone loses

Don't be ashamed, you've tried your best
Be proud of yourself, you will get through it (all)

Don't let anyone look down on you
Make your own decision to get back on track
Don't be ashamed of what you did in the past
Make a change, make an effort to move on
to move on, to move on, to move on
Make a change, make an effort to move on
Track Name: As We Grow
As we grow older
Taking more responsibility
Getting married, raising children
Working hard for the sake of your family

Not an easy thing to do
Searching for the happiness
Not an easy thing to learn
Learning never stops

Life still goes on and on
Full of responsibility
Take a breath, take a look around
Someone’s always there for you